Whose Pressured to Win?: Flacco or Kaepernick

February 1, 2013

When you first read this title, you probably just shouted: ‘Oh, that’s easy … It’s Joe Flacco‘.

Is it, really?

You can be Collin Kaepernick and play with no pressure, because you’re playing this Super Bowl with “house money”; no one expected you to be here. and you’re young … You’ll get back to the Super Bowl…right?

The answer is: No. You never know when you’re gonna get back to the Super Bowl.

The 25-year old young-stud, tatted Kaepernick, just burst into the scene this season. Nor he, us and San Francisco 49ers know if this kid will continue his success for the future, and know for sure he’ll take this team back to the Super Bowl.

So you may think pressure is on Flacco to win — not necessarily. The pressure could certainly be on Kaepernick, more than Flacco.

Flacco knows what he has to do. He’s been in numerous playoff games that he’s learn from his victories and loses. We know what we’ll see out of Flacco. But we really can’t say the same about Kaepernick.

If Kaepernick wins this Sunday, his life is set. At a very young age, with his looks, he’s gonna get tons of endorsements. From commercials, to clothing lines; you name it. Though, would it be nice if he continued his success? Of course. We’d love to watch this talent for years to come. But if you’re Collin Kaepernick, and you win this Super Bowl this Sunday, knowing that next season is a free year for you, you have to win this. And if you don’t, you know how a NFL quarterback career can quickly vanish.

As for Flacco, there’s pressure on him; I’m not saying there isn’t any. He’s got to win this Super Bowl to join the elite club, Super Bowl winning quarterbacks of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Aaron Rogers, Ben Roethlisberger.

If Joe Flacco wins this Sunday — he becomes elite. If Kaepernick wins — his life changes forever.

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