Singing Judges: Nicki Minaj > Britney Spears

January 29, 2013

irst of all, let me make myself clear: I couldn’t careless about either show. BUT, I have seen both Britney Spears on “X Factor” and Nicki Minaj on “American Idol” judging skills, and Minaj wins.

I thought American Idol was nuts for giving Minaj $12 million to be a judge on the table. Though, you compare that to what Spears got, $15 million, and the way she judged, it’s making Minaj look good.

My mom is a fan of American Idol — and X Factor — so I get pulled in to what she watches. And I happen to catch Minaj’s judging skills, and she’s good. Surprisingly good. Ten-times better than Spears.

Minaj is very creative with her words and into the contestants. She’s really owned the judging table when it’s her time to speak and bring her opinions. Very authentic with her feelings toward the singers. She genuinely cares about each contestants.

Unlike Spears, who says one or two words, and has that look on her face as if she needs to get to a toilet ASAP. X Factor, or Simon Cowell got nothing out of that $15 million sent. Britney was there just to sell her name and to sit there like a log. She was just very uncomfortable.

Even though I’m not a fan of Nicki, I think American Idol won with her. She and they, have proved me wrong. She’s winning with me. To be honest, I never liked the way she would act at a award show or any place, but now I’m starting to.

She’s even better than Jennifer Lopez, I think.

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, shouldn’t be there. She’s too much of an icon to be judging on any singing show. I didn’t even like it when Steven Tyler did it. I think it kinda ruined his image, a little.

But as for Minaj it’s okay, because she’s brought up in this music era and in this pop-culture era. I believe, this could help her career. Because people like me who weren’t that into her music  (even though I do like “Moment 4 Life” — that beat does something to me) can now grow to like her and her music.

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