Ravens-49ers at Super Bowl 47

January 21, 2013

I believe, this is the Super Bowl people wanted to see.

Not just because people want to see the Harbaugh brothers face each other, but no one wanted to see the Atlanta (shouldn’t be at the NFC Championship game’) Falcons and the New England (spy-gate) Patriots.

Baltimore Ravens: It’s amazing how the people perceive this team to be the underdog. I had no doubts — zero — about the Ravens losing this game. None. Since last week’s win against the Denver Broncos I knew Baltimore was going to New England and win.

If the Ravens were going to lose this game, they were going to lose it by one or two points. I would’ve been shocked if they would’ve gotten blown out.

They had a bad taste in their mouths from last year, when they lost to New England in the AFC Championship game. Because they knew it should’ve been them – facing the New York Giants at last year’s Super Bowl.

Joe Flacco: It’s his time. People were waiting for Flacco to finally break through. We know how talented he is. Is he a great quarterback? No. But I’d have him in my team in a big game. He’s damn good. And very clutch. He can throw the deep for a touchdown in a big spot. I’m telling you: That first TD in the first quarter against the Broncos will be the play we will all look at if he wins this Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers: Going into the Flacons-Niners game I felt confident of San Francisco winning. But, the home field of Atlanta worried me — because that’s the only advantage the had.

With Atlanta up 17-0 in the beginning of the second quarter, I still felt that the Niners could still win. Because you knew, deep down, that the Falcons were fragile; especially from last Sunday when they won a game they should of lost. When the Niners scored their first TD, and they the Flacons bench, they looked already worried.

Colin Kaepernick: Oh yea, we couldn’t wait to see Andrew Luck play! Oh yea, we were waiting to see Robert Griffin III. And…Colin Kae-who?

Kaepernick, with his game, told everyone that a high draft pick and Heisman Trophy doesn’t mean jack-shit in the NFL. This is how you make noise! Okay, did he get lucky with Alex Smith falling off the way he did? Yes. But when you’re given a chance to QB and you take your team to the Super Bowl, it doesn’t become ‘lucky’ anymore. We’re just finding out this kid is truly gifted.

I don’t think running quarterbacks don’t win in the NFL. But now, Kaepernick is proving me wrong. We might get to see that ‘all around great’ QB win a championship. And that’s mostly because of his size and his ability to throw.

You’ve got to be comfortable throwing the ball before running for a first-down. Kaepernick likes to throw the balls. Running QB’s in the past like Michael Vick and now RG3, don’t like to throw — they like to run. And you can’t have that in the NFL.

I love Kaepernick’s mentality. He could’ve easily gave up in today’s game, but he didn’t. He kept fighting and pushing. That shows the confidence in him at this age, and it’s scary to opposing teams with that talent he has.

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