Did Manti Te’o Kill Lennay Kekua?

If there’s any truth to Manti Te’o meeting Lennay Kekua in Hawaii, could he have killed her in Hawaii without anyone knowing and just his family?

I’m highly speculating, of course. But the main reason to why I’m bringing this up, is because how real he’s making this death of his “girlfriend” Kekua seem. If he’s lying about ever meeting her, then he’s a great actor.

He could be crying of fear and love. We’ve seen these stories of these men killing their girlfriend/wife many times, and the boyfriend/husband put up these acting performances on T.V claiming to be innocent. That’s why I’m surprised no one has brought this up — or maybe people have, I don’t know.

Now, we haven’t heard from Kekua’s family about her being missing or anything, so we can’t think that far. But, it’s something to think about.

Updated: 7:10 pm (same day)

If this whole thing is a hoax and Lennay Kekua isn’t real — then who the hell is this chick on the photo? Te’o’s girlfriend may or may not be fake, but the girl on the photo looks like a real woman. So whose she. Is this girl on the photo alive? If someone has a photo of me in this sorta situation I’m coming out and saying something.

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