Clemens, Bonds are Hall Of Famers

Can steroids make you strikeout 4,672 batters and hit 762 homeruns? Bob Costa’s would say: ‘Yea, duh! … Stupid Aaron.’

I think differ. The reason why I think steroids doesn’t make you a great player: All you have to do is look at the Mitchell Report.

Maine George J. Mitchell published the 409-page reports, on December 13, 2007. I remember being in my brothers house when Mitchell was announcing the names on the list. And the only names that were important — to him — were Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. If you remembered this day, you know how many ‘Joe Schmos’ were in that list, who tested positive for steroids. There were baseball players on that list who’ve never seen one light bulb in an MLB stadium. How am I suppose to think that steroids makes you a great player?

The whole Mitchell Report was a complete joke, first of all. I mean, George Mitchell had ties with the Boston Red Sox, and named players who were tested positive in 2003 — meanwhile, a couple of years later, breaking news: David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were tested positive for PED back in 2003. Oh…did Mitchell mentioned Ortiz’s and Ramirez’s name on that list? But he didn’t forget Clemens’ and Pettitte’s name! The two Yankees! It just shows the maturity on this 80-year old man. Pathetic. Just nonsense.

You can basically compare Mitchell to 7-year old Red Sox fan who hates the Yankees, and made a list of Yankees who caused him heartbreak over the years.

Can you tell me that steroids gives you durability through a 162-game season? Okay — that I understand. But it makes you a Hall of Fame player? I don’t think so. Again — just look at the names on that Mitchell Report. Half of those guys we’ve never heard of. Some haven’t even received pink slips from an MLB locker room.

Clemens and Barry Bonds not getting into the Hall of Fame just continues the talking-virus that has diarrhea out of the ass of Bud Selig.

But at times I think Selig likes it. I think the MLB loves these congress, or investigations. Selig probably told the writers not to vote, so everyone can talk about the MLB.

Bottom line: Bonds and Clemens should’ve of got in, so we can end all this. Just get it over with. I would have all the suspect steroid users in. Vote in Sammy Sosa and Mark Mcgwire, too. Get it over with!

We’ve also come to the point where the writers won’t vote in someone whose never been accused of steroids, like Mike Piazza. That’s scary. And a nightmare for Piazza. And I’m not saying Piazza is innocent because I don’t who did what — but, writers are now imagining who did what. If they do that with Piazza, we have long, long, long ways to go until we get rid of this. It’s gonna get ugly.

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