Yankees: Hamilton Gone — Now What ?

Believe or not, Josh Hamilton is a L.A Angel. And yes, that means Hamilton and Albert Pujols will be on the same lineup. I know – insane.

Not only this means the New York Yankees won’t jump from the bushes and sign Hamilton, this also means Curtis Granderson isn’t going anywhere.

Now, the Yankees are going to need to look for a right-fielder, by trade. With Hamilton, all you had to do was roll him bills. Not the case now.

So what is out for the Yankees? There’s one free agent, but more on the trade market. Let’s take a look, mofos.

Michael Bourn: I don’t think so. Unless it’s a one, or two-year contract, maybe. But I don’t see it happening either way.

It would be useless for the Yankees to sign Bourn. We need power. Not another Brett Gardner.

Andre Ethier: He’d obviously would fit Yankee Stadium, being a lefty power hitter and can hit 40-homers in it. I just don’t know if the Yankees would take that contract of his.

His contract goes through 2018. I don’t know if the Yankees would want to keep him for that long. Can he stay healthy, is the question.

Personally — I can see Ethier doing really well in New York. That short porch in right will make him look like Barry Bonds. He’s a better option than Bourn is, because of the power Ethier can bring. He’s 30-years old now, when he’s 34, Ethier would still have enough power to hit homers at Yankee Stadium. Just look at Raul Ibanez.

The other problem is, how much are the L.A Dodgers going ask for him. If it’s too much, he’s not coming to the Yankees.

Alfonso Soriano: Since 2003, I’ve always wanted to see Soriano back in pinstripes, and I think this is a perfect time to get him back.

Yankees need a right-handed power bat, in the worst way. Soriano would fit the bill. He’s played in New York, he’s been wanting to comeback since he left and he can have a big season for the Yanks.

The Chicago Cubs are willing to eat a lot his contract, that has two years left remaining.

Now, just because the Cubs are eating most of the contract, doesn’t mean they won’t want anything back. Especially when the President of Baseball Operations is Theo Epstein.

Justin Upton: The man they need!

Yankees might not get Upton, but I think they have to. If I’m Brian Cashman, I’m coughing up prospects for him; not saying I’d empty the farm, but I’d give the Arizona Diamondbacks an attractive offer.

If the Yankees can get Upton, all of sudden the future will look bright in the Bronx. Not only the future looks good, they fix their need of getting a right-handed bat.

The Yankees have to get Justin Upton. They need him more than they needed Josh Hamilton. Yankees have to get younger, and getting Upton is doing that and starting off on the right track.

Like I said — I’m giving Arizona an attractive offer. I’m giving up Mason Williams and Freddy Sanchez. Both. Unless Williams and Sanchez become future MVP’s, they should be not off limits. Trading young pitching for an opposition player is a different story. But not for postion players. 

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