Jamie Foxx Hosts SNL

December 11, 2012

One skit of Cecily Strong!? Smh.

Any who — last Saturday, Jamie Foxx hosts the newest edition of Saturday Night Live.

As Foxx was heading into his monologue and he was actually talking and telling jokes, I thought it was finally an opening to SNL without singing or dancing. Then I notice his jokes weren’t that good and seem unscripted — as if he was telling jokes off the top his head. I knew it wasn’t going to end like this. Then, manifestly, there was an piano on stage.

Another singing monologue is okay with Foxx, because he can sing. He can sing really well. Now, with Martin Short hosting next — and with musical guest Paul McCartney — you know they’ll more singing … Ugh.

When 2 Chainz came on, I wonder if he had those blue Nike Dunks I want…

One of my favorite skits was “Marcus Banks taking his pimp game to Christmas trees” .. LOL

The script, or lines weren’t that funny, but the idea was.

I loved the part when he’s screwing the tree. Lol.

When I look at Kenan Thompson, he still has that same face since his “All That” and “Kenan & Kel” from the Nickelodeon days. He still looks like that 15-year old kid. Kenan has not changed a bit.

Another thing I noticed — and I found to be cool — All That was a kids version of Saturday Night Live. The kids then who watched All That (like me) who are now young adults who watch SNL and Kenan, must find it pretty cool growing up watching Kenan for the past 17-years. We pretty much grew up with this guy.

Us young people can’t say, ‘we grew up watching Michael Jackson’. Because most of us weren’t alive or speaking in the 80’s. But we can say we grew up watching Kenan Thompson. Which I find pretty cool … Don’t you think ?

J-Pop: This needs to return.

I view Taran Killam’s and Vanessa Bayer’s character on “J-Pop” to be like the Cherri Oteri and Will Ferrell of the cheerleading skit, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

On the skit, instead of having guests who pretend to be Asian, have the guest be themselves and make fun of Killam and Bayer. Like how Ferrell’s and Oteri’s character, when other kids in the school made fun of them. Although, how things are in this society with kids taking their lives because of bullying, that probably won’t happen.

Grading Jamie Foxx: He was okay. I found him to be not the same ‘Jamie Foxx’ like he once was. He’s lost a little of that goofiness. I don’t know if it’s because he’s getting older, or they couldn’t find the right stuff for him to do.

Martin Short & Paul McCartney Hosting Next Week: This should be really, really good. With Christmas on the way, I can see some good skits. SNL always made iconic Christmas skits, that you remember for years, and that has made peoples’ career — ala Adam Sandler.

By the way — sorry for the late post. : /

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