Knicks: No Melo, No Heat

he ‘Melo-Less’ New York Knicks defeat the Miami Heat 112-92


The Knicks have now shown everyone they are the real deal, and are going to be on top of the east standings for a very long time.

The chemistry, balance and personality on this team is so good, it makes you think about a championship season – or, a trip to the NBA Finals.

Defeating the reigning NBA Champions, Miami Heat, at home, without Carmelo Anthony, says a lot. They showed the Heat and every team in the NBA — not that they don’t need Anthony — they can still win without him.

Raymond Felton: What more can you say ? Felton keeps playing like this, Knick fans will begin to say: ‘Chris who ? CP…what ?’

Felton with the team-leading 27 points, 7 assist and 4 rebounds.

It’s time we start consider Felton as one of the best point-guards, in this season so far.

J.R Smith: He has officially become that second scorer for the Knicks, behind Anthony. Smith can hit those tough shots.

Smith’s defense has improved immensely. How many big steals have you seen him get, now. Him and Jason Kidd have been terror for the opposing team. With Smith’s great range, speed and his defense, he’s become a very valuable player for the Knicks.

Jason Kidd: Another valuable Knick. Don’t you find it amazing how great still is at this age; of course he’s not the 2002 New Jersey Net Jason Kidd, but his defense is still there. Him and Smith bring great backcourt defense. Can you imagine when Iman Shumpert returns ?

Kidd brings such intangibility to the Knicks. That’s why it was a little worrisome when he went down with those back issues. People were wondering if this was it for him.  
Great win for the Knicks. Still, I think the San Antonio Spurs game is still the game of the season. But this one was big. 

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