Mets: Where will R.A Dickey go ?

ets fans, I have not forgotten about you. Just because I’m a Yankee fan doesn’t mean I won’t do Mets Winter Meeting columns. Might as well…I posted the freaking Red Sox signing Mike Napoli.

So, it looks like the New York Mets have decided to express trade offers for their newly N.L Cy Young award winning R.A Dickey, instead of signing him to an extension.

I think it’s the right thing to trade Dickey, while his stock is high and when the Mets need outfielders. I understand a knuckle-baller in Dickey’s age of 38 is like 28, but still, at his age might as well trade for some young prospects, or proven outfielders in their prime.

Mets need power in that outfield.

A trade the Mets can make happen right now, would be with the Texas Rangers for Nelson Cruz.

I don’t think the Mets would do it, since Cruz will be a free agent next year, and be timid if he doesn’t resign here. Though, Cruz would lid up Citi Field with homeruns. He’s just what they need.

It’s very difficult to imagine who would send the Mets top prospects back, for Dickey. If I’m a GM, especially in the American League, I’m not trading young players for a 38-year old knuckle-baller; again, I understand he’s young in a knuckle-ball pitcher world, but I can’t do that. I would trade a one-year contract for him — like Cruz.

This is such a weird situation. Think about it — a team trying to trade a 38-year old knuckler, who just won the Cy Young. Seems odd.

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