Yankees: A-Rod Injured; Yanks need 3B

he asking price for Josh Hamilton may have just went up.

Alex Rodriguez is gonna have to retire. He’s 37-years old, going to be 38 next year, and he’s making $30 million without the talent he use to have. A-Rod cannot look at what’s going on, and think it’s okay.

If this was neck, shoulder or even leg issue, this wouldn’t be a problem. But a hip issue ? Nearing 40 ? His body is saying: No more baseball for you.

You need your hip to be 100%, if you’re contemplating a long career in sports. Especially in baseball, when you twist and turn to swing a bat and the way A-Rod swings. He’s need that hip to be healthy if even wants to his 20-homeruns.

A-Rod having his second hip injury is very alarming. He’s not even 39-years old, yet. There’s got to be a thought in his mind about retiring. How can he be productive if his main weapon which is power, is going to be taken away.

A-Rod has got to learn out to become a contact hitter, now. The power is no more; the 40, 50 homerun Alex Rodriguez is gone. I don’t even think he can hit 30 homers, anymore.

If the Yankees — let’s say — acquire Chase Headley, A-Rod might not see anymore playing time. And don’t tell me: ‘Oh, they have to play him, he’s making too much money’ — well, not too much for the Yankees not to play him in Game 3 or 4 of the ALCS. If Headley comes in here and has a hot start to his season, he’s staying in third base.

If Yankees get themselves an everyday third baseman and that player does well, A-Rod is a officially a DH. You would have to think the Yankees will be careful with a 38-year old, whose making $30 million and now that has had two hip surgeries.

I’m not the one to bash the Yankees or A-Rod for what has happened. It happened. Can’t blame no one. Especially when A-Rod brought a World Series Championship to New York since 2000.

Yankees Looking for a 3B: If Yankees did get Chase Headley, that means the Yankees are done with A-Rod and don’t want him back on the team. But if they still have faith in him in his return, they’ll sign a Stephen Drew who can play third and shortstop.

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