Yankees: Cliff Lee a Possibility ?

God, I love the Winter Meetings. I wish it would last for five weeks. 

nd going into the Winter Meetings, the two monster teams: New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, who’ve been big spenders in the off-season for the past couple of years have been very quiet, so far.

Could the Phillies and Yankees be working on a potential trade ? Could be.

Remember when the Phillies put Cliff Lee on waivers, last season ? Well, if the Phillies, who are rumored, to be interested in signing Josh Hamilton, they’re gonna want to free up money. Lee would be the guy they want to trade.

If Phillies want to trade Lee, I can see Yankees being interested. Who would the Yankees trade ? Maybe, Curtis Granderson. How about a trade that would send Granderson to the Phillies, and Lee and Domonic Brown to the Yankees.

Phillies need outfielders. Granderson would give them that stability and stardom they need in the outfield, and he’d be a free agent next season so Phillies won’t have to worry about him after next season. They also would free up money if they wanted to sign Hamilton.

For the Yankees, Lee would give them that for sure no.2 starter in the rotation. Next year, when Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda become free agents, they probably won’t comeback since they’re getting up in age. And if they both retire, Yankees are stuck with only C.C Sabathia. Also, you can’t count on Pettitte staying healthy all season, and Kuroda, who I still think will have a very good season again, could fall off at his age.

Don’t tell me Yankees aren’t going to add Lee’s contract on the payroll — they were going to sign him for more money than the Phillies signed him for, in the 2010 off-season.

The only problem with the Yankees is the outfield would look very thin, if they trade Granderson. Okay. That’s I added Brown to the trade, so that the Yankees can either use him for the outfield, or use him as a piece in a package for Arizona Diamondbacks’ Justin Upton.

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