Yankees: Will Cashman Swipe Joe Mauer ?

ith the Winter Meetings getting ready for next week in Nashville, Tennessee, I thought the Yankees were going to set with their easy resigns and focus more on getting a big trade done, or get creative. Well… now they’re going to have to be really creative, with no catcher.

Oh boy ! With news breaking about Russell Martin signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Yankees may start the 2013 season with Francisco Cervelli and Austin Romine … Doesn’t sound like the Yankee way.

I did not expect Martin to sign with the Pirates. I thought he loved New York and wanted to return. Didn’t expect any problems, or trouble signing him. To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about him.

But the Yankees must move on and find themselves a starting catcher. And with the Yankees track record of getting that superstar player to replace someone, the name Joe Mauer is the first to pop-up in  Yankee fans mind.

I would not be shocked, next week at the Winter Meeetings, Yankees acquire Joe Mauer from the Minnesota Twins.

Why I See Yankees Liking Mauer: Mauer is the typical Brian Cashman, Gene Michael player. I mean, any general manager or team would love to have him — he’s freaking Joe Mauer — but the Yankees like the left-handed hitter, with a .300 average, a career .400 .OBP, walks about 80 and strikesout only 60 times. He’s brings that to the table. A very old-school Yankee player.

Mauer, only 29-years old.

The One Negative: Offensively, we know Mauer can do the job — but about defensively ?

Can he catch everyday ? The Twins wanted Mauer to be their first baseman for the future, since they felt like Mauer would decline as a catcher. It brings some suspicion if can still catch, daily.

Mauer is 29. He’s not an old man. A.J Pierzynski is 35 years of age and he’s still catching. Also, Mauer is still a great defensive catcher. He is a three-time gold glove winner.

Bottom Line — the guy will catch, if he’s traded to the Yankees. That’s it.

His Contract: In 2010, Mauer agreed to an eight-year $184 million dollar extension, that started in 2011 and ends at 2018.

He’ll have six years left in the contract. The last three years, you would think he’d began to DH. But you can live with that. Again — he’s 29 … Not 39.

Can Yankees Get Mauer: Yes … The only problem is the Yankees hardly don’t do any trades with the Twins.

I don’t think Yankees have to cough up much prospects. They’ll mostly have to eat up the contract.

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