Yankees: Waiting for Jacoby Ellsbury ?

nless the New York Yankees are going to sign Josh Hamilton next week in the 2012 MLB Winter Meetings that will take place in Tennessee, I think the Yanks are going to stand pat  — in the outfield, situation — until the next off-season when Jacoby Ellsbury is a free agent.

If the Yankees are going to let Curtis Granderson go next year, they’re going to sign Jacoby Ellsbury. You can mark it down … If Granderson is gone, Ellsbury will be the Yankees center-fielder in 2014.

Barring the Boston Red Sox giving Ellsbury and extension or trading him to another team and that team signs him to an extension, Yankees will go all out for him.

Right now, Yankees look as if they’re bringing back the outfield from last season, with the exception of Nick Swisher.

I don’t think they’re trading Granderson. If they are, then they’re going to get Hamilton. Because the Yankees are not starting an outfield without Swisher and Granderson on opening day.

Yankees are standing pat for Ellsbury next season. Why ? Because there aren’t going to be any big time outfielder available in the next coming years. Also, they didn’t sign B.J Upton and looks like they aren’t going to sign Josh Hamilton, ether.

Ellsbury is a great player; yes, I know he’s a Red Sox, but I didn’t care when Yankees signed Johnny Damon in 2005. If they let Granderson go, Ellsbury is the perfect replacement.

His defense is tremendous, he’s a left handed power hitter — which is why I think Ellsbury would love to come to New York because of that short porch in right — and most importantly, he’s clutch ! When Yankees face the Red Sox, I can’t stand seeing Ellsbury up in a clutch situation.

If Ellsbury makes it to free agency, he will be a Yankee.

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