Yankees: Could Troy Tulowitzki come to the Bronx ?

November 24, 2012

here was early reports about the Colorado Rockies listening to trade offers for their shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki. The interest might have died just a bit, but they did say it. And the New York Yankees should be interested.

Next season, Derek Jeter turns 39-years old. He’ll be coming off a left ankle injury that’ll probably make him miss the first month of the 2013 season. Even if he wasn’t coming off an injury, you can’t ignore the fact that he’ll be 39, which will make him the oldest shortstop in the majors (if Omar Vizquel doesn’t return for another season). The question will keep coming up: How long will Jeter last at short ?

All of us Yankee fans know that the Yankees have to get younger stars. And as we all love Jeter to death, we know that there is going to come a time that the Yankees will have to force Jeter out of the position. After next season, Jeter will be 40 … By 2014, the Yankees will have a 40 and 38-year old left side of the infield … I can’t see the Yankees not doing anything about that, by that time.

Jeter can still hit. That’s not a problem, since he can DH at an old age. He’s also still, sorta solid defensively. But understandably his range as gone down — and it’s gonna get lower next season; especially with that injury to his ankle. Who knows if Jeter is ever the same defensively after the injury.

Yankees have to take this into consideration; even us fans.

You can tell there is some worry about Jeter, as the Yankees are looking at free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. Which is nice … But a Troy Tulowitzki would be better 😀

Normally, Yankees wouldn’t trade prospects for a position player. They usually trade for young chips for starting pitching. Although, they did trade for Curtis Granderson in 2009, only because the Yanks were going to lose Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui in free agency, and most importantly, the Yankees wanted to get younger and more athletic in the outfield — which is what they need to do now.

Tulowitzki is a position player the Yankees would trade for, because he’s a young superstar player. They wouldn’t trade for one-hit wonder position players; ala Chase Headley.

Tulo can hit over .300; has a high .OBP; can knock in a hundred ribbies and can hit 30-homers, a year. Also, he’s got a Jeter-like .980 fielding percentage. He’s a gold-glove caliber shortstop.

If the Yankees ever wanted to find someone to fill in the shoes of Jeter after he’s gone, you really can’t get better than Tulowitzki.

Is it Impossible for the Yankees to get Tulo: No. Nothing is impossible. But it’ll be tough and the Yankees would need to do a lot of things before getting him; not just coughing up tons of prospects, though, they need to talk to Jeter, before making a massive move like this. They need to tell him: ‘You can’t be our everyday shortstop, anymore.’ That’s tough to do.

Do Yankees Have Prospects to give up: …Kinda. They’re gonna have to give up their top outfield prospect Mason Williams, whose is consider to be their top-prospect, right now. If they do, then I can see them getting Tulowitzki. But Williams has got to be the center piece of the deal to Colorado. Then you can throw in Eduardo Nunez and Ivan Nova.

Would I trade Williams for Tulo — absolutely, I would. Unless Williams becomes Mike Trout in Colorado, it shouldn’t hurt the Yankees.

If the Yankees were ever to get Tulo, it would have to be in the off-season. They can’t get him in the middle of the season. Barring another Jeter injury in the middle of the season. Although, this would most likely have to be a off-season procedure.

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