Knicks Big Win at San Antonio

The New York Knicks win 104-100 against the San Antonio Spurs, and extend the undefeated streak to 6-0. 

ne play in this game, really caught my eye that this season Carmelo Anthony was a changed player, was in that fourth quarter, when the ball was stolen by Jason Kidd, then Kidd passes the ball to Anthony — and instead of Anthony forcing a shot in the post with two defenders on him, he passes the ball to Raymond Felton, then Feltons passes to J.R Smith for the wide open three.

When Anthony passed it to Felton in that fast-break in the fourth quarter, that’s when I knew Anthony has become a changed player — for the good.

In the past, in that play and moment, Melo would try to force a shot with two defenders on him. It just shows me that he’s become a team player and a smarter player; we all know he’s here to score, but he’s got to learn how to minimize his game just a little bit. And he’s doing that. He’s starting to become what Paul Pierce had to learn, in 2008.

Jason Kidd: My goodness. Did anyone expect this from Kidd when he signed with the Knicks. I expected a 40-year old Kidd … Not the 30-year old New Jersey Net Kidd.

Kidd’s two three-point shots in the forth quarter when the Knicks were down by nine, got them back in the game. When Kidd hit those shots, you felt the game wasn’t over yet; you felt like there was a shot ot come back. Before those two shots, Knicks looked like they were headed for their first lost. Seeing Tiago Splitter basically take the game over, made Knicks look hopeless.

Having a player like Kidd to hit two clutch shots like that, shows how dangerous the Knicks can be this season.

Kidd’s defense and fundamental game is a big part of the reason why the Knicks are undefeated. He just opens up the floor like Kidd only can, and he’s a pain in the neck on the defense side. I can’t wait t’ll Iman Shumpert returns — with Kidd and Shumpert’s defense, they are going to be a nightmare for any opposing team.

Kidd is unbelievable from the 3-point line, as well. I looked at his career three-point percentage and he’s gotten better as he’s gotten older from the three-point line.

Raymond Felton: I knew Felton was going to come back to the Knicks with a chip on his shoulder, proving to the Knicks front office why it was a mistake to trade him Denver.

Felton leading the scoreboard with 25-points, 7 assist and three rebounds. That guy is a bullgod. He’s ability to aggressively come inside is sensational, and he can just score from everywhere. Felton is tough as nails.

When you compare Jeremy Lin to Raymond Felton, you realize whose the real basketball player. Not to take anything away from Lin, because he did save the Knick last year. But the ball handling that Felton has makes him far more talented than Lin.

Knicks at Memphis: I think the Knicks are going 7-0… (lol) … The confidence has got to be through the roof after a win like that, on the road, against the Spurs and they still haven’t lost yet.

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