SNL: Anne Hathaway Hosting

November 11, 2012

 wish I could be more consistent with my Saturday Night Live, reviews. Every episode has been so good since the start of the new season.

When Anne Hathaway hosts, SNL is always a must watch. Especially for us guys. Those eyes … And those lips … Lordy. You can make the case he lips can go competition with Angelina Jolie’s lips.

But you just don’t watch Hathaway just for her looks (I’m lying), you watch her because she’s one of the most prominent, classy actresses in this generation. And last night she showed how damn talented she was.

Hathaway’s opening segment was amazing, as they did a Les Miserables spoof. As she was singing, and singing well, I was just staggered on how talented she is. You can make the case she’s probably the best — or certainly top-3 — young female actresses today.

What our grandparents had with Audrey Hepburn, is what we have with Anne Hathaway in this generation. 
Rihanna’s Performance: Did anyone think the stage looked like an old school Windows screen saver ? 
It’s amazing how the SNL musician stage has changed over the years, from being this basic old dusty stage — which I like, because it’s art — to having the background and floor look like a T.V screen. But Rihanna’s stage weird. Because at the same time it was something new, but also something old. Like I said, that background is from a old Windows computer screensaver. It look like my Dell desktop in the year 2000. Nevertheless — it was pretty cool. 
McDonalds Skit: First of all, before I get this skit, I have to admit that I have a huge crush on Cecily Strong. And I think it’s because of the latin personalities, she does. She is adorable ! … And funny. Funny and hot. Can’t get no better. 
Strong and Bobby Moynihan, were so good on this skit, as they pretended to be ghetto, McDonalds employees, who were pissed off because they thought they were about to get fired and decided to tell all their co-workers how they felt about them. 
Being a guy whose brought up in a semi-ghetto neighborhood, they were spot on. Now, I have never worked in McDonalds, or seen McDonalds employees go nuts like that, but it’s that’s how they act when they’re mad. Exactly. Strong sounded exactly like a typical Puerto Rican girl getting pissed off at something. That annoying mouth, that just keeps running and running. Lol. 
Also, how can you not love Taran Killam’s smile when they accused of being a killer. That guy is too much. 
Ellen Degeneres Skit: Kate McKinnon who I rarely talk about, and I should, because she’s another good female cast member. 
McKinnon did a spot impersonation of Ellen Degeneres. So good, that I won’t be shocked if Ellen called up McKinnon to come on her show. I’ve seen some Ellen impersonations over the years, and McKinnon does it the best. 
Then, Hathaway pretended to be Katie Holmes, as if Katie was a guest on Ellen, and Hathaway was hilarious; imitating Holmes voice to perfection. 

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