Yankees & Josh Hamilton Could Come Together

And the only thing that stops you from believing in it, is drug issues from the past.

o you’re going to tell me the New York Yankees won’t sign Josh Hamilton because of this troubled past — if they did sign him, he’ll go back to using drugs because he’ll be living in New York City (or the Bronx) ?

How can you make that assumption ? Why can’t Hamilton see an offer the Yankees giving him and being so grateful to not to screw up an opportunity like that. Also, would a drug history make the Yankees oversight a batting average of .285 with 128-rbi’s and 43-homeruns ? We’re talking about a powerhouse lefty-batter, who would be playing in Yankee Stadium with the short porch in right.

The real reason to why I’m bringing up a potential Hamilton sight in the outfield next season for the Yankees, is just for the fact that he might sign for somewhat of a discount.

Right now, Hamilton has got to figure he won’t get Albert Pujols money — and if he does, it’ll be from a below .500 team, who needs asses on their home stadium seats. But I thing no team will offer him that type of money.

Other outfielders like Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun put up numbers like Hamilton, and are $100 million dollar players. Although, they’re under 30-years of age, while Hamilton is 31. That’s a big difference.

But would I give Hamilton $100 million if I were Brian Cashman — somewhat, but not for seven years. I would offer Hamilton a contract around three to four years and worth $85 million with incentives, and I’d offer a club option for the 5th year.

I’d rather a right-handed outfielder, but this is Josh Hamilton … He can hit lefties just as good, or even better than some right-handers. Hamilton batted .291 against lefties this season.

Hamilton is the player Yankees like. This is a true superstar; no one, really, has the talent Hamilton has in the outfield, in baseball today. Even the 2014 free agent list doesn’t have outfielders better than Hamilton. Unless the Yankees want to hold out the position until the 2014 off-season for Jacoby Ellsbury.

With Alex Rodriguez getting older and not being the same 40-homerun player he once was, getting Hamilton would make perfect sense to cover for those great years A-Rod won’t have anymore. Right now, Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano are their core and their big boppers. A-Rod is not on that side anymore.

Again — Yankees only acquire and pay for the best. Like WFan’s Mike Francesa always says, the Yankees shop at Tiffany.

If George Steinbrenner were alive today and in his prime, he would give Hamilton a chance. He did it with Dwight Gooden and Darrly Strawberry when they has their issues in the past. And they both won championships with the Yankees.

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