R.I.P 2012 New York Yankees

ou can see, feel the dead in the Yankees. The Yankees can go out there and say they’re ready to play; say they feel confident, but in hindsight, they knew this series was over after Game 3.

Yankees in Game 4, were hoping something can magical happen. Because they were in such a deep hole and in such a funk offensively, whatever they did and talked, they couldn’t find the answer. 
After Game 1, when they lost in extra innings, after coming back down four runs in then ninth, was so deflating. I think that Game 1 lost set the negative tone for this team. Yankees were suppose to win that game. You’re not suppose to lose that. Once the Detroit Tigers scored, I turned off my T.V, because I knew they weren’t going to come back. I was pissed that night. 
This was an odd season, all around. Nevertheless, the Yankees had a successful 2012 season. Most teams who lose a 10-game in the season usually give up and quit. This team did not. And I thought, toward the of the season, that they would fail to make the playoffs. But they gave it everything they had to win the A.L East, and they did. They were hurt, battered and beaten, and they won the division. 
But it is what it is, and the Yankees will have one hell of an off-season with monstrous decisions.  
Let’s look at the current positions and see what the Yankees will have, or what they won’t have next season. 
C Russell Martin: I think he comes back. You hope no one offers him a big contract, because I don’t think the Yankees will offer him anything huge. But I want him back; I like Martin a lot, and he knows the Yankees pitching staff. I also think he wants to come back. 
RF Nick Swisher: He’s gone. I will love Swisher, I think he’s an amazing guy, and great power hitter, but Yankees have to move on. I’m glad he won a World Series with us; as long as the player won with us, I don’t feel that bad. 
I really hope Swish gets that big money contract somewhere. 
CF Curtis Granderson: If a team calls Brian Cashman for him, in a right deal, I won’t be surprised if he get dealt. But I think he stays one more year.
I do not know what happen to Granderson and his contact. He started to swing and miss in an insane level. That was nuts. 
Again — if the right deal came, I can see him getting traded. The only think that’s saving Granderson, is his defense.
LF Ichiro Suzuki: I want him back and I think he will be back. He’ll be their Johnny Damon; the guy who can slap balls the other way and can hit homers from time to time. Ichiro is what the Yankees need.
1B Mark Teixeira: Will obviously stay. Any idiot who wants him gone is … well … an idiot. 
2B Robinson Cano: Definitely staying. But he better watch out. He’s already shown to be very, very inconsistent and streaky. Cano has to have a big season next season. Or, he can be trouble if he wants that big money contract. 
SS Derek Jeter: Will be back. After next season, he’ll be a free agent again. That’s when it gets interesting. 
3B Alex Rodriguez: Oh A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod. I have no clue what the Yankees will do with Mr.Rodriguez. 
At the postgame interview, Rodriguez sounds like he wants to come back. He could just be saying that, because he really can’t say — ‘yea, I’m gone’. 
Although, the Yankees made their actions speak louder than their words, and if he doesn’t want to go anywhere, he won’t play anywhere on the Yankees. 
Such a tough situation to deal with. We can’t forget that this guy got us a World Series in 2009. Without him, Yankees don’t win. But, you look at from the Yankees view, he’s got to go. 
I like A-Rod a lot, but the Yankees have to move on and start to grow a new core and get younger. They have too, if they want to keeping winning; and it doesn’t mean they will once they do, however, with older players, Yankees will have a least chance to win. 
If I had a trade idea for A-Rod, it’ll be to the Dodgers for Carl Crawford. That’s the only deal that would make sense to me. 

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