Yanks-Dodgers Trade Idea: A-Rod for Crawford ?

Alex Rodriguez to the L.A. Dodgers, for Carl Crawford.
Yes ? No ?

I couldn’t think of the Dodgers acquiring Rodriguez, since they took those massive contracts from the Boston Red Sox, but if they trade one of those contracts to New York for A-Rod, then you have something brewing here.

Carl Crawford to New York, with Nick Swisher probably not returning next season, makes plenty of sense.

Crawford will be coming off Tommy John surgery on his left elbow and expected to make full recovery.

Dodgers may not need Crawford. They already have Matt Kemp in center and Andre Ethier in right. Although, with Crawford, they would have an insane outfield, but he’s really not needed for them.

Now, with the Yankees take Crawford and that $20 million dollor contract ? Sure — but the Dodgers better eat up a lot of A-Rod’s contract. And they can, with the new T.V deal.

I think Crawford still is very good. He can run, hit and play defense. It just the money he’s making is absurd, for his talents. But, the Yankees would be getting rid of A-Rod for him.

Rodriguez — I think — would agree to a trade to Los Angeles. He gets to play with superstars like Kemp, Either, Clayton Kershaw and the manager will be his old hitting/bench coach from 2004-2007, in Don Mattingly — who Rodriguez loves when he was with the Yankees.

So, everything would seem perfect for Rodriguez for accept a trade to L.A. Though, would the Yankees accept Crawford ?

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