Yankees Fallout: CAPTAIN DOWN !

FINAL: Tigers 6 Yankees 4

This has been one of this most strangest postseasons I’ve ever seen, for the New York Yankees.

From the Alex Rodriguez fiasco; to Joe Girardi’s father passing; to Raul Ibanez’s insane run in October — and now Derek Jeter is out of the postseason with a fractured ankle. Unbelievable.

It has a feel of the Yankees being down 0-3 in the ALDS, when they’re in the ALCS, and only down 0-1. So odd.

Derek Jeter out: When you lose Derek Jeter in this postseason — and during the postseason — it’s like JFK getting shot, in the Yankee world.

I don’t know if his fractured ankle came from that foul pitch in Baltimore, or wasn’t from that bruised bone his was dealing with since the end of the regular season. Whichever it was, I know he was dealing with pain before this.

With Jeter out, can the Yankees still make a run at the World Series ? Sure. But they lose that leadership and presents that other teams don’t have. While everyone had a basic shortstop, Yankees had a hall of famer who has five rings and been many postseason moments. When you look at it from that stand point, it’s a big lost.

He’s played 158 games, this season. At that age and playing shortstop, is unheard of. You expect him to have injuries like this, while playing that many games — and again — in that age.

It’s time Jayson Nix to step.

Yankees Lost: I prefer the Yankees lose 4-0, instead of losing this way. I wanted to give up, after this lost. I really did. Made sick to my stomach.

If Ibanez is not up in a big spot, Yankees don’t come through. It’s amazing.

Now, Robinson Cano has now forgotten how to hit with runners on. Last night, Cano had so many pitches to hit against reliever Drew Smyly, in extras. And he didn’t have to hit a homerun, all he had to do was hit a base hit, or move the Ichiro Suzuki to second to have the winning run score just from a single. He didn’t do anything. Cano is the main reason to why the Yankees aren’t scoring, and the reason why the Yanks had to go to a Game 5 against the Orioles.

Nick Swisher: I don’t want to say anymore. The only positive was his walk in the bottom 6th to have the bases loaded and one out. But of course Yankees don’t even sniff a run.

Curtis Granderson: We all knew he was a strikeout hitter, before he came to New York. And when he came here, he’s struck out a lot. But now, it’s come to ridiculous stages. In the plate he looks like he’s never hit before in his life. He looks like me up there.

Said before and I’ll say again — that short porch in right as been Granderson’s best friend and worst enemy. It got him 40-homeruns, but it come how to lose focus on hitting. Granderson doesn’t know how to hit anymore. All he looking is to pull that ball. And I wanted to end the game in one swing in extras of course, but when he had the bases loaded with one out, he’s not anything but pull.

Granderson has got to change his game and his mindset in swinging. If not, this is going to continue. Managers now know how to get him out, now.

When Joe Girardi pinch-ran Granderson for Brett Gardner, that was very telling. Granderson could have stole base; he has enough speed — why couldn’t Girardi leave him at first … Because he’s getting tired of his ass. And don’t be shocked if Gardner is playing in center, today.

Alex Rodriguez: Doesn’t have to feel bad anymore. If you keeping booing A-Rod and thinking he’s what’s wrong, then you’re an idiot.

I would just keep A-Rod lineup. Eric Chavez looks just as bad.

A-Rod can’t snap his fingers and have a single, double, triple and homerun, in all one at-bat.

Boy — with Jeter out, can you imagine if A-Rod can resurge to his 2009 status .. Yea I know, too much to ask.

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