Yankees Fallout: Horrid

FINAL: Orioles 2 Yankees 1

If you’ve been watching the Yankees all season long, you know they’ve struggled with runners in scoring position. That’s been the theme all year. But now, it has gone beyond ridiculous to how this team, with these types players, cannot get one fucking hit with runners on.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Do these guys have ‘so much power on their bats’ that can’t hit one base hit ? Is it that hard to ask Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher ? A base hit ?

Not it’s gone really bad with runners on base. It’s almost like they need prescription pills or a psychologist. It’s obvious they’re tense with runners on base.

And I know the Yankees are a power and pitching team, but this has gone ridiculous. It seems like they have no clue how to hit with runners on. All they know how to do it hit the ball over the short porch in right. That’s their only mindset.

Twice in the bottom 6th and 8th, all Yankees needed was base hit. They did not need the dramatic three-run homer. Just. A. Base. HIT !

I was hoping Jayson Nix would’ve been up with runners on, since it looked like he knew how to hit a base hit or make contact.

Cano was dreadful and pathetic, last night. Cano can’t either with runners on — let’s be real here. In that 6th and 8th inning with runners on with less then two outs, all Cano did was hit a ground ball to the first base side to either get the runner home, or move up them up. I know he did something, but in that 8th inning, with runners on first and second, with nobody out, Cano hits a ball to the right side for an out ?

In that 8th inning, Cano was suppose to break the game wide open; he was suppose to do it twice, really. And all he had was a grounder to first base. That was two failed at-bats. I’m sorry.

We’re blaming Alex Rodriguez every time — and he was bad, again — but Cano is just to blame as well. He is the clean-up hitter. All he’s done was hit that rbi-double with in the ninth inning against Jim Johnson, when the Yankees already took the lead. He just added more. Since then, he’s done nothing.

Curtis Granderson: He’s become the black Jason Bay.

That short porch in right has been the best thing that has happen to Granderson, and the worst. All he’s looking to do hit the ball over that wall — just like everyone else. When he was with the Tigers, he was struck out a lot, but he also hit for singles, doubles, triples and homers. Now, it’s just homers or strikeouts.

Against Perdo Strop, Granderson had his best at-bat in the series, going full count, then on the 3-2 pitch he strikes out with a splitter in the dirt. It was deflating. That was the only chance for the Yankees to get the lead, because if Granderson walks, you have Eduardo Nunez up next — he can bunt and to move the runner over, with Derek Jeter coming up and Granderson on second to potentially win the game.

Every Yankee was trying to hit the ball out. I called that — lazy.

Game 5: Yankees are home, and they have C.C Sabathia on the mound. The edge is to the Yankees. Sabathia, as a Yankee, is 4-0 in postseason games at home. Also, it’s very hard for me see to the Yankees go another night scoring less than two runs.

NOTE: I’m going to do a preview for Game 5, later today.

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