GAME 3 – ALDS: Orioles @ Yankees

(2012 Season) 9-4 — Record — 

Yankees lose one freaking game, and we’re talking about where Alex Rodriguez should hit in the lineup … Not the pitching matchup … the lineup.

This whole thing with A-Rod, has to do with a group of stupid fans who have no clue what they’re talking about, and it has to with a second group of stupid fans who follow those stupid fans, because they don’t have a brain for themselves, and say whatever the first batch of stupid fans say.

Got it ?

These fans — who I love because they love the Yankees like I do — don’t realize that they’re making whole situation worst. Do I think A-Rod needs to step — absolutely. But do I think fans who are going to tonight’s game should start booing if he makes the first out of the ball game, no I do not. The more fans boo, the more A-Rod will fail.

It’s amazing how we’re going back to the same old crap again. After 2009, this nonsense should be over with. You know what the guy can do once he get’s it going. And there’s a chance he will get it going. But of you boo him, you’re just adding more and more pressure on him.

For those who think that Joe Girardi should bench A-Rod, let’s see if this team can duplicate what they in 2009 without A-Rod.

A-Rod just needs go up to the plate and just hit like he knows how to, and if he makes an out and the fans want to boo, let them boo. Fuck them. Because those fans who boo, are the ones who silently boo themselves every single day.

A-Rod DH; Eric Chavez at 3B: I knew Girardi was going to put Chavez in the lineup, knowing that Chavez is 6 for 3 with a homerun against Miguel Gonzalez — it’s kinda tough to not have Raul Ibanez in the lineup, whose been red hot. But, just because Ibanez is not in the lineup, doesn’t mean Yankees shouldn’t win.

Miguel Gonzalez: The 28-year old rookie has been great against the Yankees this season. The reason for that success is, Gonzalez throws strikes.

The two times the Yankees have seen Gonzalez, he has only walk one batter. Can you believe that ? One batter. Now, you have to take to consideration that the two times Gonzalez faced the Yankees — Mark Teixeira was in one of them and A-Rod was in neither one. So he’ll be facing Rodriguez for the first time.

Hiroki Kuroda: If he gets out of the first inning without giving up any runs, there’s a good chance he’ll have a great game.

What you look for in Kuroda is slider. If he has that pitch going, he’s gonna be tough to hit. His fastball and splitter has been pretty consistent throughout the season, but when he doesn’t have his slider, he tends to struggle.

Sorry for the late post. I had to go somewhere in the middle of typing this.

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