Yankees Fallout: DEUCES

FINAL: Yankees 10 Red Sox 2 

Two more to go Yankee fans, as the Bronx Bombers beat the Boston Red Sox 10-2, and the Baltimore Orioles lose to the Tampa Bay Rays 5-3 — which means the Yankees take sole possession of first place, and are two wins or a win and a Orioles lost for a division champion.

It’s the kind of win you wanted to start off a week, and a kind of win you wanted against a team like this.

Most importantly, Yankees win on the day the Orioles lose. I figured the Orioles would lose today; that’s why a win today for the Yanks was so crucial.

Now the Yankees control their own destiny. Even though, they still might have to sweep the Red Sox, or they might not have to sweep, and if they do sweep they automatically win the A.L East, and won’t have to play a one-game playoff for the division.

You hope the Rays — if they’re eliminated — still have one more fight in them tomorrow night. That why, right now, I’m hoping the Texas Rangers — who are losing — can beat the Oakland Athletics, just so the Rays can have something to play for tomorrow night; or play hard, like they did today.

Yankees would love to end this tomorrow night, so they can rest some players — or if they score ten runs like they did tonight — tomorrow — they still can.

The only thing you’re worried about, is David Phelps tomorrow. I know I rather prefer him than Ivan Nova, but he’s still a young pitcher. Although, he can pitch and he’s beaten the Red Sox before. Also the Rays will be throwing James Shields out there tomorrow, against the Orioles. 

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