Yankees Fallout: .RISP FAIL

FINAL: Yankees 2 Blue Jays 3

Game 5, ALDS, against the Detroit Tigers, Yankees leave 11 runners on base. The final score of that game: 3-2 Tigers

Today, against the Blue Jays, Yankees leave 10 runners on base. The final score: 3-2 Jays

When I saw the Yankees leave runners on base, after inning, after inning, after inning, the game started to have a bad feeling.

Once you see the Yankees repeatly leave runners on base, and it’s a close game, it usually ends with the Yankees losing.

And the Yankees were unlucky in this game. Eduardo Nunez, with the bases loaded in the top 3rd, hit a line shot up the middle that was caught by Adeiny Hechavarria, to end the 3rd-innings leaving the bases loaded. Nunez was frustrated.

Before that Nunez at-bat, Curtis Granderson was the first batter with the bases loaded in that 3rd-inning, and Ricky Romero threw two unbelievable strikes to Granderson, to get ahead. The first strike was a fastball painted away, around 94-mph, and the second strike was a beautiful curve-ball that came inside to Granderson. Then Grandy ended up popping up to Yunel Escobar. That at-bat wasn’t even fair.

What’s Next: The Orioles haven’t even won yet and I already feel that the division. That tells you how confident I feel about the Red Sox.

This game felt like the last game of the season. The way they lost, and they looked as they walked out out of the dugout. It really felt like they lost in the last game of the season. It looked like it, and felt like it. But it wasn’t. And that’s the most positive thing right now.

The reason why this so frustrating, is because I felt that the Yankees were going to blow by these guys. I feel that we need to win the division A.S.A.P so we can rest our guys. That’s not going to happen, now. Yankees can still win this division, but they’re going to have to play every game like it’s a postseason game.

The reason this whole ‘collapse’ is happening to the Yankees, is because of the Orioles. They don’t want to go away. And part of it also is that the wild card is one game. It’s not a cushion anymore. If it was, Yankees wouldn’t even be caring about the division — I think.

Don’t worry about the Orioles, or heavily for the Red Sox, because the Red Sox are going to win A game in this series. Yankees just have to win tomorrow, and move on. That’s it.

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