Yankees Fallout: CINCO TO GO

FINAL: Yankees 11 Blue Jays 4

Good bounce back win for the bombers, to lower the magic to clinch the A.L East, to five.

I just noticed that no American League team has clinched anything yet. Not even a playoff berth. And the National League is all but done and ready to go and waiting for the American League.

Yankees are trying to be the first to clinch in the A.L … Or the second … Or the third … You know what, whenever ! Just clinch !

Hiroki Kuroda: It wasn’t a pretty win, but Kuroda got his win — his 15th win.

Didn’t have his best stuff, although you have to give the guy a pass for what he’s done this year. When C.C Sabathia and Andy Pettitte were out, Kuroda was holding it down for the Yankees and the rotation. He’s been the horse throughout the year. Without him, Yankees are probably trying to stay alive in the wild card.

The bad thing is, you just hope this mini slump he’s been in won’t carry into the postseason. You hope he’ll revamp himself come October.

Kuroda’s slider hasn’t been effective, which is the reason why he’s fallen to this drouth. That slider has got to work in the postseason. You can tell today, he couldn’t put some of the Blue Jays hitter away, because they knew his slider wasn’t working and he would only use his fastball and splitter. All they did was lay off the splitter and waited for his fastball. He’s been easy to figure out.

Kuroda needs that slider to be good, if he’s gonna be effective in the postseason. Because when it is, he can throw his fastball where ever, and he can fool you with the split-finger.

Kuroda has been a great signing. Again — he saved our season with the two big lefties out, Ivan Nova being the same this season, and with Michael Pineda out.

Russell Marin: Another big hit for Martin; he’s had an amazing September. When the Yankees began to slip in September, Martin has stepped up to he plate. When everyone slumping and injured, he’s carried this team and pitching staff. He’s had many big hits this season, and a lot of big homeruns in the September.

Martin may not have the pretty Jorge Posada numbers, but he gives his all in every single game. He is a gutty, gritty player, and no one pays attention to it.

Magic Number: 5

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