Yankees Fallout: CC Eight The Twins !

FINAL: Yankees 8 Twins 2

After a tough lost last night, if you’re a Yankee fan, you could not want a better win.

Yankees scored eight runs early and the their ace C.C Sabathia goes eight innings. Exactly what you and I wanted for this game. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Sabathia: Watching Andy Petttitte on Monday and Sabathia today, you have to very be encourage going forward. Not only they’re two big lefties who can take the Yankees far into October, but they look good.

Pettitte looks refreshed, and Sabathia is starting to hit his stride. When everyone was worrying about Sabathia and his velocity, I wasn’t. I knew Sabathia was going to hit his stride, but it was a matter of ‘when’ he would. I felt that C.C was just rusty and out of whack, from all the D.L stints. 

After the Yankees scored those six runs in the top 3rd, Sabathia came out and begin to really deal. In that bottom 3rd, while sitting on the bench for about thirty minutes, Sabathia put a quick zero. That was big.

Sabathia looked like Sabathia, today. We haven’t seen this Sabathia for a very long time — and it’s great to see him just in time. That’s why I didn’t mind the rut he was in, because I wanted a hot-C.C going into October. I knew Sabathia was going to start popping the mit sooner or later, though I rather it start to happen at the last weeks of the season.

From that tough lost last night, they needed a win like this. Like Jack Curry said in the pre-game about Sabathia needing to be the savoir in this game — and he did just that. He got the win, and rest the bullpen.

Yankees Explosion Offense in 3rd Inning: Only if the Yankees can score runs like that, instead always relying on the homerun every damn time.

We hardly see the Yankees score runs like that.

What you saw in that 3rd inning, is what the Yankees need to do in the postseason. If they can hits like that together, they can be really dangerous. Because you know they can hit the homerun at anytime.

Robinson Cano: Struggling before coming to Minnesota and he’s look to turn it on at Minnesota.

Cano’s 2-rbi double with the bases loaded that started things for the Yankees offense, was good to see. Cano had been struggling all year with the bases loaded and to off a lefty.

Magic Number: 6

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