Tie-Breaker in A.L East: Means, Two Chances

If there were to be a tie-breaker on top of the A.L East between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, they will most likely have two chances to get in the postseason.

The Yankees and Orioles have built themselves such a comfortable spot to make the playoffs, that they have a cushion to fallback on. Now, if it came to the point where New York and Baltimore had the same record in the last game of the season (which would be a tie-breaker) they would have one-game playoff to decide who wins the A.L East, and the loser will still get a second chance to make the postseason, in the one-game wild card.

So, if a tie-breaker were to happen, Yankees or Orioles have two chances to get in. If they play a one-game playoff to decide the A.L East Champions, the loser in that game will get another shot to make the postseason at the one-game wild card. It’ll almost be like a two-game series for one of these teams.

As Yankee fan, I do NOT want this to happen, although, if you’re an Orioles fan you’ll sign up for this in a minute. And if they lose against the Yankees in a tie-breaker playoff game, the next day they’ll have another shot to get in, against the Oakland Athletics in the wild card game.

Might sound crazy, but it reliefs a little bit of pressure to finish on top of your division. Just a little. If the Yankees have a tie-breaker on top of A.L East with the Orioles, you get two chances to get it. They’ll have a mini two-game series with two different teams.

It’s not impossible if this happened in the N.L East division, with the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves who are officially clinched, but no division champion has been crowned yet. Braves just have to tie the record with the Nationals and they’ll have a one-game playoff to decide the N.L East Champions. And if Braves don’t win, they get another chance against the St.Louis Cardinals.

Hell — it can even happen with the A’s and Texas Rangers.

Looking at the A.L Central, with the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers, they have no cushion to fallback on. At least they get to play the one-game playoff, if a tie-breaker were to happen. But the loser of that game will go home and won’t get a second chance.

Boy, how crazy would it be if all these tie-breakers were to happen…

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