Yankees-Twins Preview: AND IT BEGINS

New York Yankees 


Minnesota Twins

Time: 8:10 PM
Andy Pettitte
4 – 3 (2.97 ERA)
Liam Hendriks
1 – 7 (5.88 ERA)
Yankee fans — this is it. This is basically the last week that can draw out the Yankees fate to where they stand at October.

Tonight, Yankees send Andy Pettitte on the hill, against Twins starter Liam Henriks.

The thing I really like about the start of this road trip, is Andy Pettitte starting first game. I know it’s not a ‘tough’ road trip, but it’s the last one of the season. Having Pettitte — the Mr.Postseason — start it off is comforting, when you want to get a win to open the last seven-game road trip of the year.

Now, this will be Pettitte’s second start since coming off the D.L. I’m not gonna say he’ll pitch poorly because I don’t think he will — but, it is his second start.

Pettitte will be able to neutralize the two big left-handed bats for the Twins, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau; Moreau hasn’t been the same Morneau of the past, but who knows, he can fueled with the Yankees coming to town.

Robinson Cano: Yankees need Cano to turn it on in the worst way. They also need others to turn it on like Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson, but Cano — when he’s hott — can takeover a game. He can takeover a game and carry a team, when he’s swinging the bat well.

Something Cano hasn’t done in a very long time, is hit the ball to the opposite field. He doesn’t do that anymore. It was the reason he made his name, and got the Rod Carew comparisons earlier in his career. That Yankee Stadium short porch ruined his swing. If you watch Cano at Yankee Stadium, he’s trying to pull every pitch over that right field wall.

I expect Cano to have his hitting-shoes on today, like I expect Granderson and Swisher, with the Twins starter Liam Hendriks on the mound. Hendriks has a 5.88 ERA. Yankees’ right-handed bats should be all over Hendriks.

Raul Ibanez DH ?: We could see Ibanez DH against the right-hander. With his resurgence, he should be able to DH today.

It’s great to see Ibanez’s bat, back. Yanks need another veteran bat like his.

NOTE: I will be back for the Yankee Fallout after the game. Enjoy. 

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