Yankees Fallout: OH, NO-NEZ


When the Orioles lose, Yankees lose. Of course ! But, we’re better off having the O’s lose and instead of win, and having a tie.

A win that would have been a BIGGER win, the Yankees did not get. Though, they’ve seven in a row and you know it was going to end; I don’t think they were going to win every game.

If the Yankees were going to lose — and sounds funny — it would be a game were the Orioles lose. I know, I know — we could’ve gain a game, but, it didn’t happen. You move on.

Although, the way they lost is annoying. We lost by a run that was an error by Eduardo Nunez. That’s tough. Especially when the Athletics didn’t score anymore runs.

Hiroki Kuroda: He hasn’t been the same. In his last five starts, he’s allowed 3 runs in one of those games, and four runs in the rest. And what that tells me is, Kuroda is running out of gas.

Kuroda is 37-years old. When he was with the L.A Dodgers, he’s didn’t have to pitch important games late into September. I know in 2008 the Dodgers made the postseason, but that was just one year.

I’m surprised he doesn’t use his fastball more. Kuroda has a good fastball with some velocity. He threw too many splitters; even though, some of them has sharp break to it, but since his slider wasn’t sharp, he has to use his splitter more as a secondary pitch.

Kuroda’s next start, will probably Friday, at Toronto, against the Blue Jays.

Eduardo Nunez: I love Nunez’s bat and speed, but he can’t play defense anymore. Today was a perfect example, to why these games are so crucial and we need spotless defense. Yankees lost because of Nunez’s error. Yankees could of been up 2 games.

They can survive with Nunez playing short, but again, these are so very crucial games.

The one positive is that Nunez is positive. At the postgame he spoke very confidently and knows he’s just leave it in the past and go forward. Good sign.

Booing A-Rod: You know, if fans are going to boo Alex Rodriguez, you better boo everyone else in the lineup.

It’s 2012, and people are booing A-Rod for no reason; it is fucking stupid, already. We haven’t surpass that ? These fans boo A-Rod like he doesn’t give a damn about the game. It’s not fair to him. Especially when he was the guy who gave us the 27th World Champion. Without A-Rod, guess what, WE DON’T WIN SHIT ! So shut the fuck up !

You want to grunt when he makes an out, fine, don’t boo. I’d admit, I got pissed when he hit the first pitch that was wat inside, but if I was in the game, I would never boo.

Yankee fans are selfish and all, so am I, and that’s fine. But when it comes to booing someone who does not deserve it, is ungrateful.

Yankees’s Final Week: I know they have three games left in October, but this should decide the fate.

The good thing about this road trip, is that Andy Pettitte is starting it off. I like that. Let him start it off, and let the pitchers follow. Now, we don’t know what we’ll get out of Pettitte, since it’s his second start from coming off the D.L.

Yankees need Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher to get hot. We saw what those three did today, when they scored four runs in the bottom 4th. If they get going, the Yankees lineup wil deadly. You know guys like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Ichiro Suzuki are going to hit because they know how to turn it on. But the others, have to step up. Yankees need them.

Especially Granderson. He’s been consistant all year, until the Yankees got into that rut.

I’m going to have a Yankees-Twins preview tomorrow and this whole week, that the Yankees are on the road.

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