Yankees Fallout: 2 Ichi-ROW !

FINAL: Blue Jays 1 Yankees 2 

Yankees beat writer, Sweeny Murti, tweeted a joke, or referenced, about Rafael Soriano untucking his jersey twice in one day, which would be like the infamous Seinfeld episode, when George Costanza tells Loupa — the cleaning woman — he wants two untucks in the hotel room beds.

Well, I made the same joke two minutes earlier and he stole it from me. 😡

Just incase people think Murti came up with that cool Seinfeld tweet, he didn’t. I did. Okay … So…that’s it… O_O

Ichiro Suzuki: ‘ICH YOUR HEART OUT’ — I tweet that now, when Ichiro does something big. I got that from the Daily News back cover, the day Yankees got Ichiro. Unlike Sweeny, I say when something is not my idea.

What a game for Ichiro. Not only going 7 for 8 in the combine two game double-header, he made that catch in the first game, that saved the game. Without Ichiro today, Yankees don’t win either.

The pitcher he got a hit off for the go-head rbi, was against a lefty. The guy can hit lefties in big spots, which tells you he needs stop being benched against left-handed pitchers. It was a bloop hit, but those count. Especially in the postseason, when the Yankees just needed a hit in Game 5 of the ALDS against the Detroit Tigers.

Ichiro is destine to win. You can tell. The guy was tired of being in a losing team and wants to get back to the postseason. I can see him really shinning in October, if the Yankees get there.

David Phelps: Would have liked to have gotten him the win, but we know without him Yankees don’t win this game.

His fastball had good control and his curve-ball was filthy; he’s got a nasty curve, or knuckle-curve. Funny how he kinda resembles Mike Mussina and he throws that knuckle-curve effectively, like Moose.

Phelps has a chance to in the rotation next season and be a major contributor. Him and Ivan Nova could be the new wave of young starters for years to come.

Booing Alex Rodriguez: Please, stop. If you’re at the Yankee game and you’re booing A-Rod, you sound like a moron. Stop booing him, because he’s going to think all Yankee fans hate him, which is not the truth. You don’t like — fine. Just don’t boo him and not boo anyone else. If you’re gonna boo him, boo everyone else in the lineup for not hitting with runners on.

I know some of you weren’t booing him in 2009.

By the way, I still love Sweeny. Lol.

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