MLB Wild Card Predictions in September

We are two weeks away from October. Unbelievable. Wasn’t Opening Day a few days ago ? My goodness.

Well, if you’re ready or not, the MLB Postseason is coming quicker than you can blink, and I’m excited as hell for it. Although, this year’s October is going to be little different than the past with — not one, but two wild card playoff games.

I made my wild predictions for the second half, but one of them the teams I had playing in one them is most likely out of it. And that would be the New York Mets. Thanks a lot, Terry Collins. Smh.

Let’s look at the Wild Card standings today, on September 18th.

N.L Wild Card:

85 — 63: —

The Atlanta Braves are sitting down on their chairs and saying: “We’re waiting”. They are waiting for their opponent at the one-game wild card, because they are far away from the chasers.

I did not think Atlanta would make it. I think that Craig Kimbrel guy, might have been the reason to their success. Might be the N.L Cy Young winner.

Also — just to throw at you — Braves are five games out of the N.L East, while the Nationals have lost three in a row…

77 — 70: —

I picked the Cardinals to win the central this year, but that won’t happen, so it looks like they’re trying get in to October a different way.

Even thought they’re only one game up in the second spot in the wild card, I don’t if they’ll make it. I don’t think they have enough.

76 — 71: 1.0

After that big blockbuster trade, it would be shocking not to see the Dodgers not in it, with only 1 game out of the wild card. Although, it’s gonna be tough with no Clayton Kershaw.

74 — 72: 2.5

Teams like the Milwaukee Brewers shows why the second wild card can add chances to any team, even if you’re two over .500 in September !

The Brew Crew are showing a lot of fight, but I don’t they have enough.

74 — 72: 2.5

I didn’t think the Pirates would stay strong through the entire season, and they did fall out of it for little while going into the second half. Now they’ve come back, and have an easy schedule coming up. I like their chances to make a strong run for the second spot.

74 — 74: 3.5

Everyone got excited when they saw the Phillies making a run for the wild card, especially Phillies fans. But I think it might too late because of the schedule they have remaining against the Nationals and Braves — even now with the N.L East getting a tad interesting.

Hey, you don’t think the Braves want to do to the Phillies what the Phillies did to them, last year ?

Last Prediction to Win the Two Wild Cards: Braves and Pirates

A.L Wild Card:

84 — 62: —

The Oakland Athletics’ eyes are on October. Like the Braves, they are too, waiting.

83 — 64: —

The team I currently hate, right now. But they’re good and either way they will be there in October.

80 — 67: 3.0

How can a team with Zack Greinke, Jared Weaver, C.J Wilson and Alberto Pujols, and probably the A.L MVP, Mike Trot, miss the postseason ?

The L.A Angels are going nowhere. Mostly, because they don’t have the fire and the A’s and O’s are distancing themselves from them.

Prediction: Athletics and Orioles

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