Yankees Fallout: STILL ON TOP !

Yankees Win Series Against the Rays 6-4

Of course, the Yankees couldn’t win a 6-1 game ! You know it had to be a close so Joe Girardi can burnout the bullpen ! Smh.

Although, most importantly, the Yankees get the win and take the series against the Tampa Bay Rays, and stay in first place.

Not to make Eduardo Nunez the missing link, but he is what the Yankees lacked. With Brett Gardner out for the season, Yankees missed that speed in the base paths. Nunez is distracting pitchers on mound and really slowing the game for the opposition.

Nunez can hit. He’s got a lot of power for guy his size. That homerun he hit on Saturday was a ‘watcher’ for the Rays outfielder, Desmond Jennings, when it went over the left-field seats.

No matter how many don’t like it, Nunez is playing shortstop until Derek Jeter is a bit more healed. Though, I want to see what they’ll do when Jeter is ready play on field, and what they’ll do with Nunez. I would think they DH Nunez. And I would DH for the postseason. The way Andruw Jones is playing, he’s playing himself out of the lineup; he’ll be in the postseason roster, no doubt, but he won’t play everyday in October.

Alex Rodriguez: I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I did not expect A-Rod to be this good coming out of the D.L. He almost looks like the old A-Rod — but he’s not thinking like the old A-Rod.

I know Alex hit a huge bomb off Joel Peralta to get the Yankees closer in that Friday night game, but he’s becoming smarter in these big rbi spots. Saturday and Sunday, he had runner on second and all he does is hit a hard single to drive in the run. The old A-Rod would extend his bat and try to do too much in this swing, and pop up. Now he knows he doesn’t have to hit the big 3-run homer all the time, in order to succeed.

A-Rod almost it a opposite homer yesterday, but it ended up becoming a sac-fly. That is a tremendous sign for the Yankees. When is showing opposite field power, he’s on his game.

Russell Martin: He’s a surprise every game. They’re days Martin looks feeble up in the plate, and they’re days, like yesterday, he hits a opposite field homerun off a tough lefty.

Martin can be so much better than what he is. But what he’s giving the Yankees in September — with the overall season he’s having — you’ll take it. Martin is batting .293 in the month of September with three homers and eleven ribbies. Not bad. He’s been clutch for us this month.

Yankees Going Into The Toronto Series: Tomorrow night’s game is going to questionable with rain in the forecast. Not good, when Andy Pettitte is making his return. Let’s hope there’s no rain. Can’t have Pettitte miss any starts with the little games left.

I think the Yankees have to sweep the Blue Jays. Because, the Baltimore Orioles are facing the Seattle Mariners this week; who aren’t a push-over, but I don’t expect the Orioles to get swept by them. And after the Blue Jays series, the red hot Oakland Athletics come to Yankee Stadium and the Orioles will be going into Fenway to face the Red Sox. The weekend series favors the O’s, which means Yankees got to do the damage on Blue Jays.

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