Yankees Up 1 Again, in A.L East

 didn’t get to do my Yankees Fallout, that I do every night after Yankees games, because busy doing other columns.

So, this is like a fallout from yesterday’s game and a preview today’s game. Okay ? Alright ? Yea ? No ? Maybe ? Not so much ?

While everyone is waiting for the arrival of the great Andy Pettitte to save the Yankees rotation, here comes Ivan Nova returning from the D.L yesterday, and pitches as if to say: ‘You forgot about me !’

And I did forget about him, I don’t know about anyone else, but I did and he pitched extremely well. 6.0 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs and 8 strikeouts.

I was worried for Nova. I thought he’d be a little rusty going into that game yesterday. Nova did not showed one ounce of rust, and just showed that was healthy, rested and ready to compete.

Positive Signs On Nova: He got groundballs. Nova was lacking the movement on his fastball that provided him groundball double plays. He that yesterday and he had control.

If Nova is going to pitch this well throughout September and Andy Pettitte returning on Tuesday, the Yankees rotation goes from little to too much pitching, with Hiroki Kuroda and Phil Hughes pitching well. Also, it lifts bricks off C.C Sabathia’s back, whose been struggling all season.

Today’s Game:

Hiroki Kuroda goes against Matt Moore. Kuroda has got to spot his fastball inside and out, so he can use the splitter and slider effectively.

Last time Yankees saw Moore, they hit him pretty well.

Yankees Lineup Against Moore:

I don’t understand why Andruw Jones is still given a chance. I know he can work walks, but when was the last time he hit a homerun ?

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