Yankees Fallout: The Swag Is Back

Yankees Beat The O’s In The Rubber-Game, 13-3.

Huge, huge win for bombers. Coming from a tough, chaotic ending to last night’s game, the Yankees win a must needed game today.

You can make the case that the Yankees could have swept the Orioles four straight. Yankees had a chance in all four of these games to put the O’s away. Though, they come out alive.

And the Yankees still…in first place. Amazing.

In this tough run the Yankees have been in, we haven’t seen them win a ‘laughter’. I thought today would be a perfect day to get that, but I didn’t have confidence in Freddy Garcia to hold the lead against the hot-hitting Orioles.

The Bullpen: Before Garcia was ‘cruising’ through three innings, I really though he’d at least get through the 5th inning. But that didn’t happen — of course — and Garcia was removed for Joba Chamberlain in the bottom 4th, and Joba came in and saved the game.

Chamberlain comes in a strikes out Mark Reynolds, on a questionable pitch, but still hit the black with a 97-mph fastball. Then, he strikes out Chris Davis. Then in the bottom 5th, he gets the two outs and stikes out J.J Hardy to the 5th.

Joba looked great. He seems to be getting his velocity up and his slider is having that vintage Joba break. That is a big, big plus if the Yankees can get Joba to his old form again. They can have serious bullpen with that arm.

Boone Logan comes in the bottom 6th and gets through the meat of the order. Sensational job by Logan. Cory Wade comes after Logan and pitches two great innings.

The Yankees bullpen held the Orioles scoreless after the 4th inning. A tremendous pitching performance by the bullpen. Yankees might have found two new arms with the resurge of Chamberlain and Wade. Wade looked really good.

Curtis Granderson: If you saw today’s lineup without Granderson, and you didn’t see the game and you saw the final score of 13 -3 — you would have never thought Granderson was a big part of that.

Not only was this a big game for the Yanks, they got their star player back from a slump and being the big part of this win.

Yankees need to keep throwing Granderson out there, because you know he’s gonna come out of it. He’s too damn good. Same thing goes to C.C Sabathia, Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano; these guys are too good to slump that long. Yankees have too many star players to think they won’t hit the rest of the way.

Russell Martin: What a series for Martin — my goodness. 7 for 14 in the Orioles series, with 1 homerun and 4 ribbies. And don’t forget his games at Tampa, when had four hits. Ever since Joe Girardi moved up in the order, it’s paid dividends.

Very happy for Martin. Big series for him. Showed when it counts.

Derek Jeter: MVP. It’s 2012, and this man still hasn’t won one. It’s time. The guy is playing with one leg and he’s hitting homers.

Alex Rodriguez: With out A-Rod in this series, we’re probably 2-games back. Major push from being back since. Great series for him as well.

Yankees Moving On: Next stop — Boston. Yankees have to go to Boston and do what they have to do. Red Sox are horrid right now, and the Orioles will get the Rays at Balitmore. Yankees can gain some this week and distances themselves.

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