Yankees Fallout: BACK ON TOP !

Yankees Show Some Resilience And Win The Second Game Against The Orioles, 8-5.

After losing a heartbreaking last night, the Yankees comeback “Bronx Bombers” style.

Phil Hughes: If it wasn’t for that 6th inning, we’re talking about how brilliant Hughes was tonight. Nevertheless, it was a performance the Yankees and he needed.

This was a big start for Hughes, to show that he can pitch in a big-game or playoff game.

Hughes used his slider a lot. It was a pitch he used earlier in his career, and I guess I went he went away from it and became a fastball-curveball pitcher. Hughes needs to use that slider pitch more; it worked well for him tonight, and the reason why he shut down Mark Reynolds, who went 0 for 4.

It’s a good pitch to use against righties, who are batting .320 off him. It worked effectively off Reynolds, and Adam Jones. It (the slider) had a frisbee motion to it — almost David Cone esc.

Hughes needed a third pitch to go with his fastball, curve and change-up. The slider he hardly uses, could be that pitch that gets him over the hump of being great.

Phil’s only mistake was the first pitch, three run homer by Jones. It was a fastball up on the eyes. Then, Hughes settles down and gets the three outs after that, which was HUGE.

Very positive start for Phil.

Alex Rodriguez: I didn’t expect A-Rod to come out like gangbusters and hit like he’s had. I would think he would be rusty and would take a while to his stride. That is not the case.

He’s looked fantastic since coming off the D.L. A-Rod hitting his first homerun tonight, was big for the Yankees. Seeing him hit the vintage, deep centerfield bomb, is comforting to see. As a Yankee fan, you want to se that.

 Russell Martin: I wonder how many fans went bizerk over Joe Girardi for batting Martin fifth…

Since batting fifth, Martin is 4 for 11, with 2-homeruns and 6 rbi’s. Looks like the manager knows what he’s doing.

Martin was the one who started this for the Yankees, with a 3-run homerun, to put the Yankees on the board first. It was big homer because it opened up the Yankees offense and after last night, they needed a crooked number to start off the night.

Huge bounce back win for the Yankees. Let’s see if they can do it tomorrow night with C.C Sabathia one the mound. If they get a win tomorrow, that will be gigantic for the bombers.

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