Yankees Fallout: HUSTLE MARTIN

Yankees beat Rays, 6-4, In The Rubber Game

And just like that, the Yankees are back on top.

If you aren’t a Yankee or Ray fan, this was a great game to watch. It’s a big game; both teams are going after it, but the only problem is that the Tampa Bay crowd stink. The Rays should really consider moving out of Tampa. Go to Orlando, better ! Terrible fan-base.

When everyone saw Russell Martin batting 5th, most of you said: ‘What the hell is Joe Girardi thinking !?’

I’ll tell you what he was thinking: 4 for 2 with three RBI’s. And that’s what he got from his catcher.

Martin maybe batting .202 in the season, but I love his mentally and his hustle. Martin wants to do better than .202 and he should be a lot better than that. He’s got great opposite field power, like you saw today when he hits that 2-rbl ground-rule double. He’s better than what he is.

Yankee fans have to be patient with a guy like Martin, because he’s a guy that’s not going to give Jorge Posada numbers, but can get you that big hit or big game. He’s a very sneaky hitter in a spot. Martin had a couple of big hits for the Yankees this season.

Derek Jeter: He may have hurt his ankle, he says he’s okay, and he’s 5 for 3 with an mazing, clutch catch. What else is new from this guy ?

The Jeter played today, he should strongly be considered as the A.L MVP.

Hiroki Kuroda: If Kuroda gets that last out in the bottom 5th, we’re talking about how great he pitched. Instead, he ends up allowing 4 earned.

Same thing happened to Freddy Garcia last night, when he was an out away from an inning until he walks Ben Zobrist and gives up a homer off Even Longoria.

Kuroda…GET THE OUT ! It was 2-outs and he’s worried about the two base runners. Just get Zobrist out and get out the inning, please !

I was ready to campaign Kuroda for MVP until that happened.

Alex Rodriguez: Good sign to see A-Rod hit double off a tough lefty, to get two big ribbies, from a double. Great sign.

You can tell A-Rod is very thrilled to be back. And if he’s gonna hit hard hit doubles like that — Yankee fans should feel good about him.

Curtis Granderson: It would be nice to see Granderson go the other way, a little. Right now he’s just on a dead-red pull. All he’s doing is trying to jack one out; I know he’s got 34-homers, but can you be patient or take the ball the other way, for once. Granderson is going up to the plate for homerun or bust.

Yankees need Granderson to be on his game, this weekend.

Yankees Back To First Place: This was a gutty win, for the Yankees. Yea…the last runs were give to us, but that was aggressive base running by the Yankees. That was hustle.

Yankees fought back, today. You got to like that, since they’ve lifeless in the past couple of games. This game, I think, will help them from now on — it should. They showed guts.

I feel Yankees will play well in Baltimore. Not only because they hit well in Camden Yards, but they’re due. And when they’re due and going to a park they well in, I like their chances. They have too many star players who are slumping and will wake up; especially in Camden Yards, where the Yankees love to play at.

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