Yankees Fallout: Down To One…

Yankees lose the first game of the three-game set against the Tampa Rays, 4-3

C.C Sabathia walking B.J Upton in the bottom 5th, while the Yankees were leading 3-2, changed everything. Because Upton eventually scored the tying run in that inning.

Sabathia walking the potential tying run in the 5th inning may be no big deal to you, but you know he’s gonna steal; you know he has speed.

Yes — Upton hit a solo homerun earlier in the game off Sabathia, but I prefer he hit two solo homeruns. In that inning with no one on, I prefer Sabathia give up a single, double, triple or homerun, instead walking him.

If Upton hits a homerun there, he ties the game — no biggie. Instead, you give him and the Rays a free base ? Let Upton earn it ! He’s not Manny Ramirez. C.C can get him out. You want to walk Evan Longoria, fine … But not a speedster.

Sabathia, again, blew the lead when it was given to him. He’s done this a lot this season, if you notice. He blew the lead against the Toronto Blue jays when the Yankees had a 4-3 lead in the 6th and gave up the 2-run homerun to Yunel Escobar.

Sabathia has not done his job, lately.

Chris Gimenez: There’s nothing more annoying than a hitter (Gimenez) whose batting .203, cost the Yankees the game, while the Yankees cold not buy a hit with runners on. Very frustrating.

A-Rod’s Return: It was great to see Alex Rodriguez get a hit in a inning were the Yankees exploded. His hit spark the Yankee hitters, in that inning. And you have to love his reaction when he slid home from the Raul Ibanez triple.

A-Rod could be hitting .204, 4 homeruns and 10 RBI’s, and he’s still a presents in the lineup. Also, he brings leadership. When he slid home and pumped his fist, that’s got to hype the team. It hyped me.

Yankees’ Lead Down To 1: Yea, it may look bad and it is bad, but you know what ? The Yankees are still first place.

Is is worrisome ? Of course it is. Because we seen teams cough up in the past couple of years and miss the postseason. Though, you have to believe the Yankees will come out of this alive.

Even if the Orioles win and the Yankees lose tomorrow – again, the A.L East will only be tied. And the next game the Yankees might win and the Orioles might lose, and the Yankees are back on top again.

If you’re a Yankee fan and you are jumping off the bridge, then you might has not watch the Yankees until they get on a 5-game winning streak. Because you won’t be able to handle this.

That four game series in Baltimore is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

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