Yankees Fallout: Hughes Gives Orioles Cookies

Yankees lose series and rubber-game 8-3 to the Orioles.

This is why yesterdays win was so big. Could you imagine if they would have gotten swept…?

A win today would have made everything easier for the Yankees. Four games up in the A.L East division would have sure been nicer than two games up — but it didn’t happen, so you move on.

Being two games up is still okay. You know why ? Because they’re still FIRST PLACE …

Being one game up would be concern; I understand that. But to me, if it’s more than one, it’s okay.

Like Michael Kay said, that’s why you build a ten-game lead, so you can still be leading around this time.

Some Yankee fans think that the Yankees have clinched the division just because they had a ten-game lead earlier in the season and teams will lay down for us. No — it’s doesn’t work that way. Nothing is going to come easy; especially in September when players are tired and have injured players.

If the Orioles slump in September — that’s it. They’re done. Because they can’ afford to be on a slump this month and half of their team is new to this. Yankees aren’t. Yankees have experience players who’ve been in these situations before, and know how to deal with it. The Orioles, on the other-hand. have a young rotation that’s up in the air. You saw today with Chris Tillman who is their young ace, go down with elbow pain. If he goes out, that could be the Orioles season.

I understand that the Orioles are playing great. But we’re getting Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Andy Pettitte back in September, and the Orioles aren’t getting anyone back or acquired this month. Yankees are slumping, but they’ll get a blockbuster trade-like, in September. If Baltimore slumps, they aren’t getting A-Rod, Curtis Granderson, Teixeira and Pettitte.

Phil Hughes: If Hughes is going to throw a curveball to a hot-hitting Mark Reynolds, you have to make sure you bury it in the dirt; he was suppose to do that, but you have make sure you do in such a crucial situation like that one.

When Hughes gave up the RBI single to Matt Wieters in the top-6th, I thought Hughes’ day was done. Joe Girardi should have taken him out.

It was nobody out, Hughes can easily give up the homerun and you had (Reynolds) a hot hitter who already hit a homerun earlier in the game…that doesn’t smell good.

Girardi had a little too much faith in Hughes, there. Bad job by Joe.

It’s not like Hughes can get a double play whenever he wants. He doesn’t have that type of stuff, and he was obviously out of gas.

Hughes was pitching great throughout the whole game. But his stuff is easy to remember if you keep seeing him a couple of times.

Girardi is so quick to pull the plug, but didn’t do it for Hughes.

Right now, the plan for the starters for the Yanks, is to get the ball to the 7th. Because from there on, Cody Epply or Boone Logan can take over the 7th. Then after that, you have David Robertson and Rafael Soriano waiting in the 8th and 9th.

C.C Sabathia: Tomorrow, Sabathia has got to be the ace. He’s got to take this game through eight innings or maybe nine. They need C.C to be dominant, tomorrow night. Not just for the standings and the team, but for him. I don’t know when was the last time Sabathia beat a good team.

He’s got to – either give the ball to Soriano, or take the ball and win it. A Sabathia complete game would be great for this team, right now.

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