Why Isn’t The VMAs In NYC, Anymore ?

August 28, 2012

h, my favorite time of the year ! The MTV Video Music Awards have been one of my favorite award shows since I was a young in public school.

The thing I remember most about the MTV VMAs:

It was always on the first day school. Back then in the mid-90’s, the first day of school and the VMA’s would always landed on a Thursday. It was awesome; it was a good feel.

I’m glad the date is back to being on September again — but it’s not back in New York City. And that’s a BIG, BIG problem.

If you think the VMAs has lost it’s feel and luster in the past couple of years, it’s because, it’s not being held in New York City in consistent basis anymore.

The VMAs has got to comeback to NYC. That’s the real home of MTV; not Los Angeles. When it’s held in L.A, it loses its hardcore look and becomes to Hollywood and ‘pretty’. That’s not the VMAs. It totally loses it’s art when it’s done in L.A and even in Miami (when it was once done in 2005).

I know that VMAs began in L.A, but it didn’t make its peak in L.A. It made its face in New York; when it was held in Radio City Music Hall or in the Metropolitan Opera House. It’s a mixture of New York City art/theater and elegance, with 100% badassness. In other venues it does not carry that same unique aspect like New York does. VMAs and NYC fit like a glove.

It effects the show when it’s not done in NYC. The last time the VMAs was good, was in 2009 — when it was done in Radio City. Also, it was the time – and year – that Michael Jackson passed away. It opened with his tribute and Janet Jackson’s performance, which was phenomenal. But I don’t think it would have had the same feel if it was done in L.A. It was luckily apropos, Michael passed that year and it was done in NYC.

The Stage Is Different Compare to NYC and L.A:

When it’s held in Radio City or in the Opera House, that basic, black, stained theater stage gives the VMAs a great look — it does.

But in the Staples Center (where the MVAs is held in L.A) they customize the stage. It comes with light floors and colors and all this crap. I think that ruins the MVAs. In Radio City and Opera House the stage is already there because it’s a music theater. I’m telling you — that stage floor is a big difference. That black, stained floor is art. It’s not a custom made floor with lights and garbage.

Bottom line is — the Video Music awards is not the same if it’s not in New York City. The last couple of years it has sucked because it’s in Los Angeles, Miami or in Las Vegas and not New York — and part of it is that music is dead, too.

The Staple Center is a fucking arena ! It’s not a historic venue. It’s a big difference, MTV.

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